Circo all' arrembaggio

 By and with Adoliere

And if while laughing we were also asked to reflect?

And if a contemporary circus number with a ladle, three balls, four trumpets was just the excuse to talk ironically about healthy nutrition?

A street theatre show suitable for almost all situations, involves the active participation of the public and alternates high-level technical numbers with theatrical pieces and moments of lucid madness!

  • "Tolfarte" Festival, Rome, Italy

  • "Cuncambias" Festival of Popular Culture, Cagliari, Italy

  • "Sa Ruga" Festival, Cagliari, Italy

  • "Modica Altarte" Festival, Ragusa, Italy

  • 9th meeting "Call of the Mountain", Misak University, Cauca, Columbia

  • 7th "La befana vien di notte" Festival, Rome, Italy

  • finalist of the 15th competition "MARTELIVE" (winner of the Frammenti Prize), Rome, Italy

  • 6th "TEATRINSTRADA", Street Theatre Festival, Milan, Italy

  • 5th "Bisu de una notti de mesu istadi" Festival of Gerrei, Cagliari, Italy

  • 7th "International Street Artists Festival", Ossi, Italy

  • 4th Festival "Abya Yala", Sogamoso, Colombia

  • 4th "International Street Theatre Festival", Aipe, Huila, Colombia

  • 1st "Meeting of the Circus Arts of the City of Suba", Bogotá, Colombia

  • 24th "National and International Artistic Festival of Popular Culture", Bogotá, Colombia

  • 9th "Bitola Open City" Festival, Bitola, Macedonia