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Anime resilienti

                             Freely adapted from

"L'animo degli offesi" (The Soul of Offences) by Modesto Melis

"Lettere" e "Diario" (Letters and Diary) by Etty Hillesum

                            Both prisoners in Auschwitz

On stage: Chiara Giuliani, Sabrina Barlini, Susanna Mannelli

Music and Songs: Angelina Figus, performed live by the Women's Choir of the Centre for Music Studies of Carbonia, Sardinia

Directed by: Susanna Mannelli

                                       Two lives overwhelmed by the wide extermination of 1940/45.

Modesto Melis, Sardinian, lived and died in Carbonia in 2017, was deported to Mauthausen for political reasons. He does not die in the camp and dedicates his life to telling young people about his experience as a survivor.

Etty Hillesum, dutch Jewess, was thirty years old when she died in Auschwitz in 1943. She left a diary that was published only in 1981. They were scandalous pages, about peace and love.